Get Unwrapped This Holiday Season With The Best Lips Under The Mistletoe

When a gift comes wrapped with a big red bow you can’t help but guess what’s inside. Synonymous for exceeding gift expectations, red bows simply emphasize the beauty within and intrigue all those present, so why shouldn’t the same be said when choosing your holiday makeup? Red lips can do for you, what red bows do for gifts and aren’t you supposed to be the greatest present of all? Despite the timeless bow, each one is tied differently and when you’re looking to be unwrapped this holiday season, choosing a red lipstick might just leave you in a tangle. Prior to even testing different lipsticks, you often find yourself overwhelmed by the selection of shades and brands, all while trying to remember the specific beauty “rules” as dictated by the many fashionistas of Google. If choosing the specific shade of lipstick you want isn’t already hard enough, try placing yourself into one of the specific racial categories, as the diversity of skin tones have been generalized into three basic shades: fair, medium and dark. Can’t determine which you belong to? Looks like lipstick just really wasn’t meant for you... (wrong!) One of the most important rules to remember when choosing a shade is simply not to follow any rules, unless of course you enjoy feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and the fear of choosing the wrong one. Glamour Magazine's lipstick rules for different skin tones: 1. Fair skin - “Coral-y reds look most beautiful on you; they add a shot of colour but aren’t overpowering.” …Isn’t red lipstick meant to stand out? If it’s now coral lipstick (commonly associated with orange and pink), how is this supposed to be the most beautiful “red” for fair skin, when it’s not even red? And why can’t any other shade look “beautiful”? 2. Medium skin - “Anything from true red to pink-cranberry shades will work well with your golden undertones.” …First off, I study fashion, I love fashion and beauty and yet this still doesn’t really make any sense. “True red”? Were all of the other reds fake? If interested in finding the perfect red lipstick, why concern yourself with all of the impostors? 3. Dark skin -  “Stick with deep, rich colours like burgundy or warm brick- super bright ones can seem to harsh.” …If by harsh, they mean it actually stands out, as it should, since it is red, the colour that draws all attention and stops traffic, then I feel the job of the red lipstick can be doing no wrong. Burgundy and warm brick are both beautiful lipstick colours, but send a completely different message than a bold, bright red. As a "fair" skinned individual, I have worn the suggested coral, but  am proud to say I love the bright red and deep maroon lipsticks best, although they are not supposed to look “beautiful” on me. It is because of their contrast with my skin that I am so drawn to these two lipsticks and have received the most positive feedback when wearing these two particular colours. Wrapping a present and choosing its bow should be just as fun and exciting as the gift itself, so don’t sell yourself short with a dull lip. If you’re looking to blend in with your lipstick, try a light gloss or simple nude, but when you’re ready to make a statement, the kind that says: “I look good. I know it and so do you,” pick the lipstick you find most exciting. Wearing a bold lipstick has a confidence guarantee for its wearers. This is your time to shine and there is no time to be shy. Shy anyways? Red lipstick will change that. Don’t believe me? Test it out at your next holiday party and let me know what happens! You’ll gain confidence, but will lose that new red lipstick you bought, as everyone will be trying to snatch it after seeing your stunning lips and radiant smile. If you were wondering the name of the lipstick they’ll all be chasing, it’s called “Russian Red” by MAC and looks gorgeous on any skin tone.

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