Get Your Butt Back Into Shape! Here Are 7 Ways To Boost Your Motivation

In the winter time it is all too easy to lose motivation and become, well, a couch potato. Most of us would much rather hang around the house in sweats and a comfy tee than head out to work out! If you find yourself stuck in a rut, here are 7 simple tricks for getting yourself moving and in shape. motivate yourself into working out again

#1 Be Kind To Yourself

So you've skipped a week of workouts? We all have times where our motivation gets zapped or life gets in the way. Don't beat yourself up over this because that attitude will only make you feel worse and hinder your strength to start working out again. Instead, take some time to revaluate why you're going to the gym. It is to make yourself feel more energized, focused and to keep your body healthy.

#2 Practice Visualization

Take a moment every day to picture yourself exactly how you wish to be. Close your eyes and concentrate on whatever it is that you set as a goal. It might be toning your abs, it might be lifting a heavy weight or even just looking in the mirror and feeling happy about the person staring back at you. It might sound a bit silly, but professional athletes also do this to curate results. Doing this for even 5 minutes a day can actually improve your chances of achieving your goals.

motivate yourself into working out again

#3 Get Rid Of Mental Blocks

You know that little voice in your head that says "I can't"? Replace that with "I can". Replace your "I'm nots" with "I ams". If you're always telling yourself "I don't have time to go to the gym", replace that with "I can always make time for the gym". This shift in your mindset with allow you to develop a better sense of self confidence. You will be able to do more each day by letting go of mental blocks.

#4 Surround Yourself With Motivation

Look for a role model (maybe a celebrity or a fitness trainer) who you want to emulate. Learn about what they do to stay in shape and write out a similar schedule for yourself. Print it off and post it up on your wall alongside a picture of the body you want to achieve. Find motivational sayings that really resonate with you and spread them all over your bedroom wall, above your desk or on the fridge. Set your phone wallpaper to an inspiring image. These little visuals will help you push through the day. [bctt tweet="Get Your Butt Back In The Gym! 7 Ways To Boost Motivation"]

#5 Find A Friend

It is proven that working out with a friend can boost your chances of staying on track. You can coach each other and keep each other motivated. Set similar goals and reward yourselves when you achieve them. Having a workout buddy will make you feel like you're not alone in this. You can confide in each other when you feel discouraged, and build each other up when you feel great!

motivate yourself into working out again

#6 Say 'Goodbye' To Excuses

Excuses are so easy to dish out, but can seriously impede your chance of getting fit. Banish the excuses! No time to hit the gym? Do 15 minutes of stretches, lunges, jumping jacks and planks while you get ready for work. Walk to the office instead of catching the bus. Skip your morning coffee for a hydrating bottle of water. There is always a way around the excuses.

#7 Switch Up Your Routine

Maybe you're avoiding the gym simply because you're bored. Change things around. Go to a class instead of hitting the treadmill. Try swimming, Zumba or Pilates. Workout at home with a trainer on YouTube. Take a fitness focused vacation. Mix an outdoor run into your morning fitness regimen. Find a new fit routine that you love and stick with it! What are your tricks for staying motivated? Share them with us!

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