Get Your Christmas Shopping Done With These Black Friday Offers From BodyRock

Christmas is coming, and Black Friday is the perfect time to take care of all your shopping for that special BodyRocker in your life (even if that is YOU)! At BodyRock, we don't just do free first class fitness videos and advice, we have great gear and equipment too! Our workout gear is comfortable enough to wear when working up a serious sweat or just lounging around the house. This practicality makes our bras and sweaters must-have items for your Bodyrocker's wardrobe! Our high quality equipment maximizes their efforts while working out at home! Our sandbag, balance trainer, and bar and weight sets are incredibly popular. Isn't it time you got that special BodyRocker what she really wants for the Holidays? Take a closer look:

Beginner 30 Day Meal Plan - DOORCRASHER: 87% OFF!

Meal Plan The Beginner 30 Day Meal Plan was designed as a companion to the Beginner Bootcamp workout series, but it is extremely effective by itself. With full recipes, meal prep advice, grocery lists, macro-nutrients details, Vegetarian, Vegan, & Meat Eater options, this is all you need to start a healthy eating habit, not a diet! Add in the FIVE free bonus e-books and this is an unbeatable value. LEARN MORE

The BodyRock Sports Bra Collection - FREE SHIPPING

[caption id="attachment_120929" align="alignleft" width="600"]BodyRock Sports Bras BodyRock Sports Bras[/caption] A sports bra is a staple item in any active woman’s wardrobe. Whether lifting in the gym or going for a run outdoors, active women rely on the support of a sports bra. Don't forget about the built-in comfort, ideal for lounging around the house or doing errands in style. We've got multiple colors and slogans to really personalize this perfect gift! SHIPS WORLDWIDE! View all Sports Bras Use Code 2GIFTS on all clothing orders for free shipping
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The BodyRock Complete Package - Save $231.00!

Complete Package If a BodyRocker every complains that they can't do a workout because they don't have the equipment, then this is what they need! All the equipment we ever use in our videos, in one place, at a great cost savings! SHIPS IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY
// Buy The Complete Package

The BodyRock Hoodie Collection - FREE SHIPPING

[caption id="attachment_120947" align="alignleft" width="600"]BodyRock Hoodies BodyRock Hoodies[/caption]
The heathered, tri-blend fabric is warm, fuzzy and inviting. Versatile enough to be mixed and matched with most outfits, this unisex piece should have a place in every closet. Lots of color, slogan, and style choices! SHIPS WORLDWIDE! View all Clothes Use Code 2GIFTS on all clothing orders for free shipping
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The BodyRock Balance Trainer - 35% OFF

BodyRock Balance Trainer The BodyRock Balance Trainer is by one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. Its unique design makes it perfect for personal training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, balance, core workouts and boot camp workouts. The Balance Trainer is known as a total training system because it allows users to work on and improve everything from cardio and strength to balance and flexibility! SHIPS IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY
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The BodyRock Bar and 35lb Weight Set - $50 OFF

Bar and Weights We love this bar and weights for HIIT training! The bar is easy to grip and the plates are high quality, rubberized (no floor damage), and have built in handles so that you can use them as free weights for front raises, side raises, squats, and myriad other exercises. SHIPS IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY
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Catching Fire Workout Program and Equipment - 45% OFF!

Catching Fire The Catching Fire Bundle is the first time we've ever paired a full workout program with all the equipment you need for the series, and the companion guides that help you eat correctly and reach your goals. This is perfect for Beginners who are transitioning into intermediate level. SHIPS IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY | More Info On the Workouts Here
// <a href="" target="_blank">Buy Catching Fire Limited Edition Bundle</a>

BodyRock Sandbag - 30% OFF!

Sandbag_-_no The Sandbag is an awesome piece of equipment because you can fill it with as much or as little weight as you want, it's extremely portable, and it can be used in place of free weights for any number of workout moves! SHIPS IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY
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Core Package - 40% OFF!

EitmbI6B9MfL5ub2uQCUARtG4n_NdkYT_-Bb8V9LuPIIf you're aiming to strengthen your core then this is the deal for you! Featuring the Weighted Vest, Wall Ball, Sandbag, and Balance Trainer, you'll be whipping your core into shape in no time. Whether you need to support your better with strong abdominal muscles, or are trying to pop that six pack, these are the pieces that are key to results! SHIPS IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY
// Buy Core Package
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