Getting Comfy There Ladies? You’ll Gain, on Average, 7 lbs in a New Relationship

There might be a very good reason why your jeans feel a bit tight after you’ve begun a new relationship, if you’re a woman that is.  According to a new study, women were found to eat more when they were happy and therefore new relationships seemed to coincide with weight gain.  Of the 1000 women and men surveyed men had a tendency to loose weight (39%) and shed and average of 4 lbs during the first year.  Only 16% of women said that they lost weight. Of the women polled, 71% believed that happiness, or the lack thereof, had a direct impact on their physique while only 40% of men said that feelings affected their weight.  The majority of women said that simply being happy was enough to make them add weight.  Women are notoriously hard on themselves when it comes to weight. All to often feelings of tying our self worth to the number on the scale or the number on the waist band of our jeans creates a terrible cycle.  Instead of allowing ourselves mistakes or the occasional piece of cake, we go all or nothing.  When we fail, and we do, we drown our sorrows in...? Cake.  Or chocolate. You’re never going to be “ok” with weight gain.  The only thing that remains is to be contentious about diet.  Not dieting.  Diet.  Proper diet.  Allow for failure. If you need help, we're here for you. The 14-Day nutrition guide is perfect for the clean eating beginner & the 30 Day Catching Fire guide is the next step up - for those who are ready to transition from a journey into a lifestyle.

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