Getting Through The Crazy Weather Blues

I know there are readers out there who have sunny warm days almost year round. This makes it pretty easy for you guys to go out running in the sunshine, being able to bring your workout outdoors rather than cooped up in a gym. I however live in Canada. And like anyone else who deals with the same or even worse climates, months like March can be a real son of a bitch. You get toyed with the occasional glimmer of spring, only to have the temperature plummet to -15, and be hit by a ridiculous snow storm. 1958408_10101786673808650_681744143_n   Yeah something like that. I'm also not really one to go for a run in shitty cold weather, I really don't know how people do it. Regardless, you cant let weather like this get you down. Thats why I try to... Remember It's Not Officially Spring Yet It seems obvious but it really does get people out of wack. Everyone expects things to start being permanently spring, but that shit's only officially on March 20th. So maybe don't start using your treadmill as a clothing rack just yet. Sometimes you have to make the call that it is still too ridiculous outside and... Don't Afraid To Make It An In Day I don't mean necessarily take the day off, but if you have been working yourself really hard, maybe horizontal 90 km/h winds is enough and excuse to put on the sweatpants today. But your a smart resourceful person, you can still find ways to be active while inside. Heck you can even go nuts on the driveway that is buried under two feet of snow. Just... Make Sure You Don't Get Out Of Sync As a lazy person, I can attest that getting out of the routine of working out and running because the weather sucks is pretty easy. Sure the gym is inside, but you have to walk/drive through all that snow. It could be dangerous! What you have to remember is that this is all for you. You can't give up on your goals to shed some weight and get a rockin' bod. Heck that's why we worked so hard in the winter in the first place. So that come spring and summertime, we can take our shirts off with confidence and jump into a nice lake. Sun... lakes... BBQs... Seriously, feck off winter.  

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