Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Signs Your Body Is Telling You

There might be a hidden reason to your grouchiness. Not getting enough sleep can reek havoc on how your body functions. Here are 4 telltale signs you need to catch more shuteye:

1) You're pretty moody

Sleep and emotional health are interconnected, so the development of moody behaviour can occur when you're not hitting the hay for long enough. You will feel cranky, irritable and more stressed. This can impact the health of your emotional relationships and your performance after work. It can even lead to more serious cases of depression and anxiety.

2) You're gaining weight

Weight gain occurs in people who sleep 6 hours or less a night. Lack of sleep reduces the natural appetite suppressing hormone leptin, and boosts gherlin, the hunger inducing hormone. This causes us to eat more. There is also an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in those who don't get adequate sleep.

3) Your libido is lowered

Have you noticed that you're not in the mood for sex lately? Lack of sleep can equal a lack of sexual desire, as studies show women who are involved in caring for children or aging parents have less sleep and see a decrease in intimacy with their partner.

4) Daily drowsiness

Getting hit with a sudden need to lay down during the day? That 4 pm slump can be a sign you aren't clocking in enough slumber hours at night. Yawning frequently can be another red flag, along with a caffeine dependancy.

Adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night to maintain good health. Get your zzz's by using these 3 quick and easy techniques:

1) Use headphones to drown out noise. Place soft, large headphones over your ears and choose a relaxing soundtrack or even rainforest sounds to soothe you to sleep.

2) Keep your room temperature cool. The thermostat should be set 65 degrees or lower to help your body relax. Wear light pjs to help your skin breathe.

3) Turn off your worries. Journal your thoughts, concerns, plans for the next day etc. at least 2 hours before settling into the sheets. When you get to bed, run happy thoughts through your mind like a day at the beach, or picture a tranquil scene.

Try these tips and let us know if they helped you nod off!


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