Getting Fit Before Baby

It is so important to prep your body before baby, but most ladies do not think to do so. If you want a baby someday, why not prep NOW?. During my pregnancy, what little muscle I had wasted away quickly-even though I kept lifting weights and running 5 days a week until the day I gave birth. DSC_0085 Relaxin-the pregnancy hormone responsible for softening your joints and connective tissues to prepare for birth- is a bitch! So is the increased amounts of estrogen and progesterone. BUT, there is no way to stop these hormones from having their affect on your pregnant body, so the next best thing that you can do is make sure your body is in tip top shape before baby. This will make boucing back a whole lot easier for you. In the photo below, the picture on the left was taken a month after I gave birth. And this was after keeping UP my workouts. Crazy, right? The photo on the right, is now. I am still breastfeeding to this day and it's a constant battle to keep some muscle on, but I have FINALLY found the right balance in eating and working out to build new muscle. ddd2 I have been lifting heavier weights regularly since the very end of November. My primary goal: MORE MUSCLE.  One thing that I have learned from my last pregnancy is that the more muscle that I build before pregnancy, the less work I will have to do during and after pregnancy. ddd2 Here is what my weekly lifting schedule looks like: Monday: Butt/Legs Tuesday: Arms Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Abs Friday: Butt/Legs Saturday: Arms Sunday: Rest As for cardio, I haven't worried about it too much. If you are wanting to get fit before baby and have some body fat to decrease, then cardio is for you! For cardio, I love using my Obsidian Slide Board or taking uphill stroller jogs with my son. I also love HIIT exercises! As for my diet, I have been steadily upping my calories to build more muscle and to refuel my muscles properly from all of the lifting that I am doing. Here is what my diet has been looking like for the past month: Meal 1: 3 Scrambled eggs and fruit or 1/2 cup oats with almond milk and fruit Meal 2: Protein shake Meal 3: Lean chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli Meal 4: Peanut butter with an apple Meal 5: Steak with quinoa and asparagus Meal 6: 1 cup Greek yogurt with honey and granola (I have been eating this every night after dinner for months-I am addicted.) Here are my tips to you for getting fit before baby:
  • Make a plan: Use one of my eBooks or workout plans to help develop the perfect plan for you to stay fit. Find out what exercises you love the most and stick to them. Mark out certain days to do your workouts.
  • Stay consistent and workout at least 3 times a week.
  • Do not worry about what the scale says. Focus on body measurements. With this being said, do make sure that you are at a healthy weight for your height, age, and acitivity level.
  • Work on building muscle and remember lifting weights is good for you.
  • Focus on smart cardio. Hours on the treadmill won't do anything for you. Mix it up with HIIT exercises or go play outdoors with your kids.
  • Start eating clean now and learn how to battle those cravings before they arrive.
  • Get rid of any bad habits (smoking, drinking, sodas, etc) before conceiving.
  • Try yoga. If you are unable to lift during pregnancy, yoga is a great backup. Actually, you should add it to your routine as it gets rid of common pregnancy issues such as constipation, back aches, nausea, and more!
Happy conceiving :)
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