Getting Smart About Salt: 10 Uses You Need to Know About

Salt is a staple in many people's homes. In a shaker on the table, sprinkled into pans sautéing up your favourite dishes and crusted onto the rim of your margarita glass, it's not an uncommon commodity in our worlds. A basic ingredient that's cheap and effective, we never shy away from adding it to our daily lives. But you may not know several other uses for it other than for seasoning your food or your tequila. Here are 10 other ways to incorporate it into your life.  
  1. Egg Checker: Add two teaspoons to one cup of water, and let dissolve. Fresh eggs will sink, and bad eggs will float.
  2. Fruit Helper: Instead of reaching for citrus, sprinkle a dusting of salt over fruits to keep them from browning. And the hardly there salt actually accentuates the fruit's flavour.
  3. Bad-Smell Eliminator: After chopping garlic or onions, rub your fingers with salt to get rid of any lingering smells.
  4. Cheese-Life Extender: Extend the life of cheese by wrapping it in a cloth moistened with salt water.
  5. Baked-On Mess Remover: If your casserole bubbles over, sprinkle the bottom of your oven with a handful of salt over the spill. It won't smoke and will bake into a crust that's easier to clean once things have cooled.
  6. Ant Deterrer: No one likes ant infestations. Stop trails and deter ants by sprinkling salt in doorways and windowsills. And you can make this ant killer to really stop them fast.
  7. Fire Extinguisher: Keeping salt in the kitchen for seasoning is so smart, but keeping a box next to your stove is a big helper. You can extinguish grease fires by covering them with salt.
  8. Wall Hole Fixer: Repair wall holes with equal parts salt, cornstarch, and water by mixing into a thick paste. Spread over nail holes, let dry, and touch up with paint.
  9. Snow Remover: Get rid of slippery, ice-covered sidewalks fast with a sprinkling of salt.
  10. Drain Buster: Clean sink drains by pouring salt down the drain followed by hot water, which naturally keeps grease from building up and deodorizes pipes.
Have you ever used salt for any of these purposes? Source: Popsugar

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