Why Gifts From Kids Mean More

I'm a complete sucker for anything that my daughter presents me with...usually its a little plastic cup from her tea set with some pretend tea in it.  Or maybe a sheet of printer paper that has scribbles all over it.  I still have the very first coloring she did posted on our refrigerator.

It was only when my mother in law came over to babysit overnight so the hubby and I could attend a big event that I was struck by just how much children's gifts mean.  My mother in law said quite cheerfully that they were going to make a present for 'mama and dada' while we were away...and I have to say I almost started crying which is rather pathetic.  But then during our four hour drive I asked my husband why he thought that gifts from children mean so much more than gifts given by adults.  It certainly isn't the quality.  He was quiet for a little while and said that everything that kids do is a learning experience, especially for a two year old, so you get to have this little piece of their talent-of their future.

I remember growing up, we didn't have a lot of extra money, so my parents didn't have a lot for an 'allowance' which around Christmas time was a source of great consternation for me.  My mom would buy a present for my Dad and say it was from us...but it really wasn't.  I wanted to be able to give him something amazing myself-without help.

Gifts from children mean more because kids have so much less to give than the rest of us and they choose to give everything they have.  They don't have jobs or credit cards or years of experience in the kitchen.  This translates into having to work so much harder to create a gift they deem worthy of their loved one.  Those crazily wrapped presents under your tree are the culmination of all of that precious child's ingenuity, talent, and hard work.  They give everything they are just to please you, to get that feeling of pride, and to see a smile on your face.

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