Gigi Hadid The New "It" Girl Talks Fitness & Beauty

I always find it interesting when a new "it" girl emerges, and the PR and Marketing world get together with some major music or fashion labels (sometimes both) to create a new iconic persona that redefines what the ideal beauty standard of the moment is. At one time this happened generationally, then it started to speed up and changed around the fashion seasons, and now it seems like the entertainment machine is creating them more frequently and at a faster pace. The latest "it" girl is Gigi Hadid. gigi-hadid-guess The California girl is kicking off this summer with a sexy shoot for Guess. The blonde haired, blue eyed stunner poses topless for the legendary denim brand. The super fit model is totally comfortable in front of the camera, and doesn't mind showing some major skin. rs_634x820-150106103932-634-gigi-hadid-guess3 "The collection is so effortless to wear, and fits perfectly in any summer environment," the 19 year old model tells Us Weekly. Gigi proudly shows off her killer physique, which she attributes to her hard hitting fitness routine. Playing volleyball for 12 years has taught her intense physical discipline and competitiveness. Now, she maintains a physically active routine of boxing. "Boxing has been great for me because it's like my new sport, and it's something that I can get better at," the model explains. "When you're boxing, you get so into it mentally that you kinda forget what's going on, you forget that you're working out."  Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.16.38 AM Boxing increase total body strength and is a key component to cardiovascular fitness. A good boxing workout burns fat and produces toned, taut muscles. gigig Gigi also is committed to clean eating and enjoys making her own meals and smoothies daily. Although she admits she is not perfect, and cheats every now and then with her true loves, burgers and fries. Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.22.49 AM So what are the blonde beauty's summer secrets for keeping her face fresh and flawless? "I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Usually I only use that when I shower, because if I don’t shower I’m usually too tired to wash my face and just use Maybelline cleansing wipes." says Gigi. gigi-hadid-for-tom-fords-flawless-complexion-makeup The model's go-to makeup look is a clean, natural face. She likes to add a little contour and matte nude eyeshadow for a simple, "just woke up" effect. Exclusive - 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Sexy Photo Shoot with Gigi Hadid Gigi-Hadid---Photoshoot-at-Vasquez-Rocks-Park-in-Los-Angeles-06 Gigi_Hadid_Photoshoot_at_Vasquez_Rocks_Park_in_Los_Angeles_22 It's important to remember that without this constant shifting and completely unobtainable ideal for women to strive for, the product cycles of the beauty, fashion, music and entertainment industries as a whole would collapse. "New" always has to be front and centre - which is why its so often rooted in youth. Everything in this economy of beauty has a very real shelf life. What do you think of Gigi and this "new" presentation of the ideal?

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