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I want you to take a minute today and think of just two things you are thankful for and remind yourself that life is full of these amazing gifts that are totally free but can be so easily be forgotten unless you choose to take the time to appreciate them and look for them as you travel through your day. Think of a friends smile or the look of love on the face of someone close. Think of a warm breeze or the feel of the sun on your face. The plain simple truth is that it is just awesome to be here and we all have something to be thankful for.

It's very easy to get lost in the day to day running of life without appreciating all the things we have been blessed with. We are blessed here with an awesome community full of kindness & support & we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the love that you have shown us and each other. We appreciate it everyday :) and it makes this little site a pretty special place to hang out together.

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Today we are bringing you The Girl Crush BodyRock Workout + Ab Bonus +  Tutorial. It's an awesome 12 Minute Full Body Workout and we have you covered 100% with variations for beginners and those of you that don't have the equipment. We still have time to get in great shape before Summer - start today with this 12 Minutes - you can do it!

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BodyRock Girl Crush Workout Video:


Set your interval timer to 10 Seconds rest & 50 Seconds work. Complete the Following Circuit 3 time through.

1) Plank & Leg Jumps - Using the Ugi ball

2) 10 High Knees & 10 Forward Kicks

3) Woodchop, Roll & Jump - Using the Ugi ball

4) Push Up, Burpee, Forward & Backward Jumps - Using the Ugi ball

Girl Crush Abs Bonus Video:

Set your interval timer to 10 Seconds rest & 50 Seconds work. Complete the Following exercises once.

1) Downward Dog Plank - Using the Ugi ball

2) Lying Oblique Twists - Using the Ugi ball

3) Bent Knee Ugi Switch - Using the Ugi ball

Girl Crush Workout Tutorial Video:

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