This Girl Had Her Nude Photos Leaked And What She Did Next Was Pure Genius

Danish activist Emma Holten woke up one day to find her world upside down. She had become a victim of revenge-porn from a breakup gone wrong.

Her ex-boyfriend put up nude photos of her onto the world wide web for everyone to see.

But then, something happened. She took back her consent and dignity in the best way she knew how: she posted her own set of nude photos.

emma holten

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According to The Huffington Post,

"Holten decided to reclaim her body by taking and sharing topless photographs of herself. She teamed up with photographer Cecilie Bødker Jensen to create images portraying herself as a human subject, not a sexual object. The series, originally posted by Friktion magazine, shows Holten doing everyday tasks in her apartment."

Holten wrote this on a feminist website called Hysteria in which she shares her own personal post "taking back consent" from those who had damaged her and for others who have fallen victim to revenge porn:

emma holten

"On a regular October morning in 2011 I couldn’t access my email or Facebook. I didn’t think anything of it – I forget passwords all the time – and just tried again. Waiting for me upon entry were hundreds of messages and emails.

Messages and emails with pictures of me in them.

One: me, naked, in my ex-boyfriend’s darkened room. Seventeen, a little awkward, slightly hunched forward: a harmless attempt at sexiness.

Another: two years later, in my room in Uppsala, Sweden. Older, a little more confident, but not a whole lot.

What had happened was apparent: the pictures were now online. I had become one of the thousands, hundreds of thousands, of girls thrown into the porn industry against their will. I thought “how bad can this really be?” The guys at school would find it hilarious, probably; talk about it for ten minutes: “Holy shit, have you seen Emma?” It was humiliating, of course, but I’ve never been ashamed of my body or my sexuality. No doubt, I wished it had never happened, but I couldn’t have imagined the next two years.

The weeks passed and more messages trickled in. I was on sites filled with pictures of my fellow victims, women who’d never intended their pictures to be public, who’d never wanted attention from more than one person."

Emma has become an activist for speaking out on the effects of revenge porn and empowering people everywhere along the way.


What's your thoughts on her project?




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