Girl On Fire & Your Time Is Now!

Workout Break Down Set your interval timer to 30 seconds work 10 seconds break. Go through this workout 2 times! 1. Run or Skip 2. 4 Bicep Curls and Prisoner Squat Jumps Using the Pink Sandbag 3. Run Or Skip 4. 1/2 Burpee Jump Tuck 5. Run Or Skip 6. 2 Tuck Abs 2 Bike Abs 7. Run Or Skip 8. In Out Legs 2 Cross Press Ups *** The guys at Equalizer are offering BodyRockers an exclusive $20 off the same equalizer that Lisa uses into today’s video. If you are thinking of getting one for your workouts, click Equalizer and enter the CODE: BodyRockEQ20 I'm learning that there is never a perfect time. You could always be younger, more qualified, thinner, lighter, have more money or be more beautiful. Markets are up and down, your car needs a new muffler, everything is almost perfect but not quite - if only he would call, if only she would email, on and on. Timing is everything or is it? How much of our life do we waste before we take the leap? Whomever invented the calendar put human progress forward but also inadvertently invented planned procrastination. If you are anything like me you will start everything next Monday, or next Month or as the New Year approaches it's gravity pulls us quite willingly into thinking the best time to start is January 1st. Plenty of time to really get down and dirty with all of our bad habits and enjoy a final roll in the hay with all of our naughty vices. I love fresh starts. They are the psychological equivalent of those 5 hour energy shots - you feel the temporary boost of starting over that is followed by a crash of old habits, behaviours and impulses tromping their muddy boots all over our spotless futures. Until next Monday - when we can start again. Monday the great eraser of the past, the wonderfully convenient weekly page turn in the appointment calendar of impotent discipline and broken promises. Much like perfect timing, fresh starts make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, but in the end they don't really help the cause. They are perhaps the ultimate Jedi mind trick -they allow us to feel good about planned procrastination - they ultimate layaway plan for our unrealized dreams. There is always room for talking and planning - but the most empowering thing you can do is to take decisive action now (DAN). Life is lived now, between the breaths and the reps, and our heart is the drum beat that we need to follow forward. Feel the fear - it's a blast of your waiting greatness - and do it anyway. Your time is now and DAN is your new best friend. Today's workout was suppose to debut on the new site - but the site is not ready yet. So instead of waiting DAN insisted that we post it now! Enjoy it now! Freddy Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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