Girls Chase Boys

Ingrid Michaelson’s music video for her single “Girls Chase Boys” from her new album Lights Out, shows how much fun you can have if you share the gender sexualization. It’s an homage to Robert Palmer’s music video from 1988 of “Simply Irresistible”, and is a great replication: Same camera angles, same make-up, same outfits, same moves – the only difference? Adding some guys to the mix. Also, you’ll note I say SOME guys – there’s still girls in the video as well. Instead of flipping gender roles on its head, Michaelson kind of just blurs the line. It’s like equal opportunity sexualization – the video is sexual, not sexist. As she says in the first verse: “It’s all the same thing” meaning, whether we’re chasing boys or girls, or both, we’re all the same. Plus the song is catchy, which doesn’t hurt, I always love a good break up anthem.

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