'Girls with Gluten' Instagram Shows Famous Women Getting Their Fast Food Fix

Stars like Karlie Kloss and Rihanna have no shame when it comes to revealing their love affairs with gluten and grease. katy perry food fitness The new "Girls with Gluten" Instagram account showcases celeb ladies going to town on fries, burgers, pizza and donuts. It is wildly popular as part of the "snack wave" trend. The snack wave has come as the antithesis to healthy eating. It makes binging out on pizza and pop the norm, and has also paved the way for snack wave clothing like Katy Perry's pizza bathing suit. karlie kloss food It basically is teen girls and young women using social media to express their passion for junk food. We look upon slender, fit girls like Kendall Jenner and assume they stick to a prominently kale-based diet and are wowed to see them digging in to a pile of sauce-drenched chicken wings. The snack wave trend stemmed from Tumblr, and has now trickled into the mainstream sites like Instagram. snack wave trend And so, we give you "Girls with Gluten". If you are interested in seeing Irina Shayk in a burger food coma, or Sophia Vergara mowing down on sugar coated donuts, this is the account for you!   What are your thoughts on the "snack wave" trend? Is it potentially dangerous to make fast food binging trendy? Share your opinions with us!  

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