To All The Girls Who Struggle With Body Image

You are not alone. Please try to find comfort in this fact. Insecurity happens. We live in a world that encourages us to compare ourselves to others and find faults in our bodies. It is hard not to when all day long we are constantly being hit with images of perfection and people becoming famous for no real reason beyond being nice to look at. Insecurity may be normal but it is not the way it has to be. We are not really meant to be so hard on ourselves. When you judge yourself harshly, you are assigning that value to your body. You hang all of this on your body. But your body isn't you. It doesn't tell your whole story. If you don't look a thing like a fitness model, even after trying for as long as you can remember, maybe you aren't meant to. We are all born with different shapes and sizes. Even those models are all shaped differently. They were born (in part) with a body that gives them the proper specs for that job. That doesn't mean they are better than you or that you are less than them. Perhaps there is something in your physique they wish they could have. You know what they say, the grass is always greener. Why do you want so much to fit into someone else's standard of beauty? You are the only person you need to please. Your body has worked hard to get you here, to keep you alive, cut her some slack. Take care of her. Love her. I know what that voice in your head sounds like. She's loud. And she's mean. Try not to listen. Just try. Look at yourself with curiosity. Don't come to the mirror with a comparative checklist or an agenda. Just look. Take a deep breath and let it all go. That voice does not need to control you, she's wrong most of the time anyway. You are beautiful. You are beautiful in the lines of your body, slender or curvy. You are beautiful in the way you move through the world. Your beauty is your energy. Your beauty is your being. You will be loved for who you are. Who you are behind all that flesh and bone matters just as much. Don't sacrifice one for the other. You will be understood and accepted by souls who see your heart. That's what you deserve. Let it be. Free yourself. Know who you are. Love and embrace every inch of your body and every corner of your personality. You're the only one out there. That's pretty precious. You define you. Don't limit yourself by knocking down your body. Don't let someone else's idea of who you are trump your own. You may not be able to do this overnight, be patient with yourself. Be kind. Everyday, look in the mirror, smile, wink and say "I've got this." Because you do.   Source: Thought Catalog  

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