Gisele Bundchen Hits the Gym Makeup Free - Why Bareface Is Best for a Workout

Gisele Bundchen showed off her natural looks at her spinning session in Boston this week. The 34-year-old queen of the runway looked every inch a supermodel goddess as she hit the gym. The mom of two revealed her picture-perfect complexion and sharp features while rocking this navy athletic number. A loose fitting long sleeve, tight leggings, a casual Under Armour cap and rubber boots to keep out the rain. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a pony, signalling she's about to get some serious cardio in! Spinning is among Gisele's go-to workouts. It's an energy pumping, total body burning workout that sculpts your legs and backside. The mama also practices yoga and swimming to maintain her lean frame. We're loving that Gisele is among the many celebs who face the gym, well, barefaced. Did you know that while it's convenient to skip on the concealers and mascara, it actually could be beneficial to your workout? If you use heavy concealers, foundations or other skin makeups, they can clog up your pores as you sweat and prevent your skin from breathing. If you opt for lighter ones, they will simply melt off. Letting your face sweat without any makeup on is actually a healthy detox for your skin, and can prevent acne and blemishes from arising! Do you wear make up to the gym or go barefaced like Gisele? Tell us how you look fresh at the gym while staying makeup free!  

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