Gisele Bundchen Reveals Fuller Chest at Book Launch

Gisele Bundchen is one of the biggest supermodels in the world. And she's always been known to have that effervescent and natural glow about her that so many find undeniably enviable. But, did she really undergo a not-so-natural procedure?

The controversy surrounding Gisele's boob job.

The 35-year-old revealed a much fuller chest in Sao Paulo, Brazil this past Friday at the launch of her limited edition coffee table book.

Gisele looked full of pride at the Livraria da Vila Bookstore as she posed with her new book, which was published by Taschen.

The controversy surrounding Gisele's boob job.

Her luscious blonde locks rippled over her shoulders at the launch. Wearing a boho-inspired white dress with a pair of nude stilettos, she looked absolutely stunning.

The model, who retired from the runway earlier this year, struck several poses with her book that chronicles her 20 years in the fashion industry.

The controversy surrounding Gisele's boob job.

Mother to daughter Vivian, two, and Benjamin, five, with her husband Tom Brady, she had reason to be so delighted at the launch. As noted by the publisher's website, her coffee table book sold out before it even hit the shelves! The controversy surrounding Gisele's boob job. The news surrounding a possible boob job comes after she was scrutinized by the media for wearing a burka in order to hide herself from the public after checking into a Parisian plastic surgery clinic. The New York Post even caught wind that the supermodel and her sister Rafaela had pretended to be Muslims in order to privately enter the clinic. The procedures Gisele underwent were apparently $11,000, according to the sources who revealed the situation to the New York Post. What's even more, the sisters sported sandals, which some Muslim women see as inappropriate public attire. And, France has even banned wearing burkas publicly since 2010. It's no surprise that Gisele was publicly shamed for wearing the burka in many respects. The controversy surrounding Gisele's boob job. The women were seen being dropped off by Gisele's chauffeur, and picked up the following day, bringing them back to the Bristol Hotel before they were whisked away to a five-day retreat at Les Sources de Caudalie spa. The controversial escapade came just a day after the NFL chose to uphold the suspension against her husband for the deflate gate controversy surrounding the New England Patriots. The controversy surrounding Gisele's boob job.

What are your thoughts on the undercover breast augmentation Gisele decided to follow through with?

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