How to Give a Lion a Hug...and not Die

I have a confession...I’d love to hug a lion.  Or a siberian tiger.  I’m not’s just that they are so beautiful and they look like they would be so soft and cuddly.  That’s why I’m super jealous of this guy. His name is Kevin Richardson and he’s known as the Lion Whisperer of South Africa.  He has probably the only true relationship with lions in the entire world.  Kevin has made himself one of the pride and he is quoted as saying that he is unsure whether the lions see him as male or female but they do see him as a lion. original Kevin knows exactly where each lion wants to be scratched which is right underneath the chin and says that they simply become big cats.  While Kevin can be outside of the SUV wandering among the lions, his cameramen stay in the safety of the vehicle.  Kevin has also worked with hyenas for 30 years and has been working at understanding their social structure which it matriarchal. There’s something incredibly special about being able to have a relationship with a wild animal and understanding them in their own habitat.  Kevin may be a bit crazy and reckless, as he freely admits to riding motorcycles and flying ultralight aircraft in his time off, but he is also incredibly passionate about saving Africa’s wild animals and their habitat.  Maybe that crazed part of him that hugs 500 lb lions in the wild is what it takes to get people interested and motivated to protect those that need our protection.

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