Should you give up meat for the New Year?

  Last year I gave up meat. You might be asking yourself why would anyone give up meat? Well, let me tell you why, here are... Five reasons why you should give up meat in the New Year. 1. Our bodies have a hard time digesting animal protein.  Humans were natural herbivores and are able to digest vegetables and fruit easier than meat. Dr. Oz said “A steak dinner can take two to three days to get out of your intestine. What that means is the way you digest it is basically to rot it in your intestines. On the other hand, if you eat vegetables and fruits, they’re out of your system in less than 12 hours.” 2. Eating meat causes many health problems. People who eat meat face a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Studies done by the World Health Organization in Germany and England found that vegetarians were 40% less likely to develop cancer compared to those who ate meat. 3. Inhumane treatment of animals. If you haven’t heard, seen or looked into how animals are treating in the U.S farm industry, take a minute of your day and do so. Industrial barns contain 25,000 chickens that are unable to move and many die because they are unable to reach water. Steers and cows are fed hormones and antibiotics to promote faster growth. Pigs spend their lives confined is small metal pens and are given antibiotics and other artificial inputs. These are just a few of the horrible things happening in the U.S farm industry. 4. You can get protein from others things. There is a big myth in our society that meat is the only way humans can to get the protein they need. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale and many more contain protein, so do legumes, nuts and seeds and non-dairy milks like almond and coconut milk. Even supplements such as spirulina and chlorella are rich sources of protein and nutrients. 5. Industrial farming has devastating environmental effects. Dr. Mozzaffarian, a cardiologist who studies the health effects of dietary habits and other lifestyle factors in large populations said “Health effects in humans aside, red meat consumption is clearly bad for the health of our planet.” Since farming has become big business it is the biggest threat to our ecosystems and species. I urge you to give up meat. You will feel better, look better and will be helping out animals and the environment. Who would say no to all that?

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