How Giving Up Booze for Just 1 Month Can Change Your Life

As I grow deeper into my 20s, things that once seemed like vital parts of my life are coming more into perspective. It has always been second nature when a friend calls you up and asks if you want to "go out", that drinking is inevitably what you will be doing. Whether it's someone's birthday, a new promotion, or just a Friday night, drinking is the game plan.

But you hit a point when getting wasted begins to seem...well, kind of ridiculous. And the pondering headaches of the liquor-induced aftermath just aren't worth it, and don't really hold an important place in your life anymore. Here are the top 3 reasons why giving up drinking for just one month can change your perception, and your life:

#1 You'll become healthier

You'll feel it. Even though I only used to go out for drinks once or twice a week, those few cocktails and pints weaken your immune system. Alcohol actually wears away at the lining of your oesophagus, which leads to germs and bacteria being able to sneak in to your system much easier.

#2 You'll lose weight

You're cutting out extra sugar (syrupy sweet cocktails), empty calories and all those greasy 2 am pizza runs that we all know happen after the bar!

#3 You'll become clear headed

You're eliminating those rough wake ups, stumbling out of bed as you reach for a pain killer and a jug of water, trying to figure out where your phone is or how you got home, and dreading looking at your bank account. Yeah, life is better without those mornings.

Try the 30 day booze-free challenge and tell us what you think!

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