Glorifying Obesity? or Good for you TLC?

Glorifying Obesity? or Good for you TLC?

A new T.V show called “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” has started airing on the TLC network. It is about the life of 380 lbs. Whitney Thore. This adorable upbeat positive young gal goes about her day seeming happy. She has said over and over that she is happy about her size.

Interestingly enough Whitney got her own T.V show because of a YouTube video of her dancing;

Watch the video here:


Is the fact that she has her own T.V show going to keep her on the path of being an unhealthy weight? Should TLC have produced such a show? Why do we like to watch it?


Clip from the show:


It is extremely difficult to get a T.V show green lit and keep it going. It would be very sad if she doesn’t get more seasons as this will no doubt be her new identity – being obese!! And she will have developed a fan base of supporters and once TLC is finished with her and the cameras turn off – then what? It is the sad nature of the business to which I am very concerned for her.

Good luck Whitney

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