"Glossy Lip Oils" are the New Lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent Voupte’ Tint-In-Oil, which is also known as Lip Oils has held a captivating collection for a few months without any relent. Could this be a better type of gloss? What is Lip Oil? It probably doesn’t sound very appealing. In fact, you may even see the world “oil’ and think it’s oily, but it’s far from it. The “oil” in the name comes from the ingredients list, which is packed with possiflora edulis, jojoba seed, coriander fruit, and apricot kernel. It may sound all fancy, but it’s actually just lip gloss. Lip gloss was in popular demand during high school in Bel-Air and Universities. It is simply fancy. This type of fancy is what every girl wants. The older type of lip gloss is such nonsense. You don’t have to worry about the sparkly, wet feeling. With this lip gloss, you will experience a type that tastes just like a sweet piece of candy. Of course, you should refrain from drinking and eating from 10 minutes from the time you applied it. The tint of the lip gloss is durable, even while the stickiness part wears off. There will be a hint of plump as well. There are exquisite colors of yellows, which comes off as more of a clear. There are even sherbets color. The colors are adorable and just what you need. The colors of this lip gloss can make a fashion statement and bring out the rest of your makeup. Buy On Amazon  

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