5 Foods You Had NO IDEA Contained Gluten...Until Now!

Being gluten free requires a lot of work.  We must pass on dinner rolls, birthday cake, and pancakes...but without gluten, there is no longer the inflammation and digestive problems we once had  and we feel healthier overall. BUT, did you know that some foods that we would never expect to contain gluten, do in fact, contain gluten?! Since going gluten free almost a year ago, I have a lot of experience in feeling the "gluten inflammation" after eating a meal in which I thought did not contain gluten. Below are 5 common foods which secretly contain gluten: 1. Processed Meats: Sausage and lunch meats sometimes contain gluten! Most processed meats contain flour as a filler.  Safest bet is to only buy organic, grass-fed meats and poultry.   2. Imitation Crab: Think that getting a California roll at your local sushi restaurant is a safe, gluten-free bet?  Think again! When combined with gluten-filled soy sauce, imitation crab is "fluffed" with flour.   3. Cornbread: A "safe" option for us gluten free folks, cornbread, when coming from a box or store bought, most likely contains wheat.  It is best to make your own cornbread from scratch.   4. Salad Dressings: Make sure to check the label of the dressing!  Some companies use wheat in their dressings to thicken the dressings, label reading is extremely important for those of us who cut out gluten from our diets!   5. Licorice!  Now, I know that you may not be munching on licorice right now or ever, but in case you find yourself on a movie date...back away from the wheat-filled red or black candy!  Save yourself!   Now that you have a little more awareness of foods that contain gluten and the reminder to READ LABELS, you can go out into the gluten-filled world as your gluten-free self and feel aware of what you are eating.   Peace and gluten-free love,   Kaitlin

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