21 To Go Balls Deep On Your Own Life

1. Write and send one gratitude note.

Pick someone who intimidates you. Someone who you could never say it to their face. Tell them "I read this thing that says to tell people when you are grateful for them and I wanted to say that I am grateful for you because [insert reason(s) here]." There is no need to be creepy about it, just say the truth.

2. Drink enough water.

You need to hydrate and coffee doesn't count! Once you start drinking enough water, it is like you can feel everything working better. And the clarity of your skin! Trust me, it's worth it.

3. Squeeze in a workout before work.

I know, it is probably the last thing you want to do first thing in the morning. But, it will get your metabolism going throughout at the day and you will feel the energy boost. AND, how good does it feel to actually accomplish something so good for you before you day even starts?

4. Spend one hour planning 5 outfits to wear next week.

Taking pride in your appearance is fun. Taking time in advance to plan takes the stress out of your mornings and it inspires creativity. It is an easy way to start pairing things you've never put together before. It is an effective way to stretch your wardrobe.

5. Decide to make dinner from scratch.

Keep it simple. Invite a friend. Celebrate your badass cooking skills!

6. Identify somebody in your field, at work, and ask to pick their brain.

Ask for 30 minutes of their time. Tell them you are asking because you would like to know how they got to the job they are doing and you are looking for some advice on your next career move. (Make sure it isn't the same person you sent the gratitude note to. You don't want to look like you were sucking up).

7. Decide how you want to feel.

Don't look at what you want to do but why you want to do it.

8. Masturbate.

Do it properly. Allow yourself to fantasize during the day. When you get home, look at yourself in the mirror. Draw a bath, light some candles. Take your time. Romance yourself.

9. Compliment a stranger.

It isn't as scary as you'd imagine. While waiting in line for coffee, tell the woman in front of you that you like her shoes. It will make her day and leave you both feeling happier.

10. Go out for coffee with no distractions – no phone, no book, no partner. Strike up conversation with the barista.

Be present in the world. Period.


11. Sit down for ten minutes on a park bench. See what comes up.

10 minutes is a really long time when you are thinking about all those things you've been repressing. But, it can also be a really great way to clear your head and see how you really feel.

12. Post a selfie to social media, looking your finest.

This doesn't make you a narcissist. It is simply having the courage to say "I think I look good today. I'm documenting it."

13. Write a budget and figure out a way to set aside $50 per month until Christmas.

By the time the holidays roll around, you'll have a nice little stockpile for your gifts and all those parties. You may even end up with a little left over.

14. Email your boss to ask for an appraisal.

To get better, we need assessment. Ask for feedback. Prove you want to be better.

15. Walk for an hour. Anywhere. Through town, through the country, just walk.

Not only is walking great exercise, it is a wonderfully meditative activity. You'll be surprised how wonderful it will be for your mind and body!

16. Ask yourself: what’s the one thing you’d do if you weren’t afraid?

Once you are honest with youself about it, it will be nearly impossible not to do it.

17. Take a fitness class.

You've been listening to those women in the locker room talk about that spin class. It sounds like hell (but a little like heaven at the same time). Take a shot at it. What can it hurt?

18. Invite somebody out for dinner. Your treat.

Show someone a good time. Just because.

19. Pamper yourself: do the whole shebang. Face mask, pedicure, candles. Shave your legs. Wear something silky to bed.

You deserve it.

20. Buy matching pajamas.

Get your day started right by waking up in something classy and 'put together.'

21. Call your mother, and end the conversation with, “Hey – you’re my hero, you know that?”

She'll appreciate it. And it is the truth. Start doing some of these things and you will be amazed at how fully and completely present you begin to feel. What sort of things do you do to get the most out of your existence? h/t: Thought Catalog

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