How to Go From Fat to Fit in 5 Hours

(Article adapted from The Daily Mail) Can you really go from fat to fit.. or fit to fat... in just a few hours? A blogger, called Furious Pete, who according to his website is the world's greatest eater, shows how the effect can be achieved in just five hours. By the way, this dude is awesome and have been following his YouTube for a while! Have you seen his videos?? If not, then I suggest you go take a look! His reasoning behind this? To prove that we 'shouldn't believe everything we see. Worth $60billion-a-year in America, the dieting industry is big business and many advertisements feature before and after shots to show you just how effective the product is. Sometimes, especially with these types of gimmicks, the so called "transformations" are not always realistic. So, let's begin! The first step is to go to the tanning bed. After that, do a few bicep curls or workout to get that vascular or "pumped" look. 10521927_373833659460943_3480988443120193924_n Next, apply cooking oil all over your body to look slick and add in some good lighting within the room. 10521927_373833659460943_3480988443120193924_n And there you have the after picture! 10521927_373833659460943_3480988443120193924_n But, now for the before... Pete says to take a few hours off to relax to lose the vascular look. 10384899_736218643128299_7549255926668964539_n Next, he recommends drinking 1 liter of soda and an entire bag of chips since the carbonation is bound to bloat you. He said chocolate milk is also great for bloating as well. 10521927_373833659460943_3480988443120193924_n   And now, the before photo: 10521927_373833659460943_3480988443120193924_n 10384899_736218643128299_7549255926668964539_n   I decided to test out Furious Pete's theory on myself to fake a before and after photo.   photo-4-e1410025221863photo-4-e1410025221863 Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_102027" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code snapcode @BodyRockTv[/caption]  

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