Go Nutso For Tree Nuts: The Amazing "New" Weight Loss Food

Healthy fats. Fiber. Protein. By now you probably know that consuming these are the key to your health and weight loss journey. Did you know you can get them all in one place? That's right! Tree nuts contain all three and are a perfect no muss, no fuss way to snack. It is commonly believed that eating nuts will make you gain weight but that just isn't the case. Tree nuts are satiating and satisfying, and may actually help suppress appetite. New research published in the Nutritional Journal suggests that nuts may be an inexpensive (not to mention easy) way to lose weight. The study discovered that those who eat tree nuts are 25 percent less likely to be obese and 21 percent less likely to have an elevated waist circumference than those who did not consume tree nuts. 1/3 of a cup a day is all you need to start reaping the nutritional benefits. Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts all make great additions to salads, aside from being a yummy stand alone snack. Eating these nuts is associated with promoting healthy blood-pressure, diabetes control and maintaining good cholesterol levels Pack yourself a little baggie and take it with you to the office, the beach, the park. Anywhere. Have you seen our fitness videos? We post full-body workouts daily! And they're FREE. Check out the video below (and subscribe to our email list) for the latest in fitness and weight loss.  

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