Does Having Goals Mean You Accomplish More?

We all have dreams, aspirations, goals...of where and what we want to be doing in the future.  Some might even have one, five, and ten year goals in order to accomplish something big.  Sadly though...for most of us those remain fuzzy and not well defined.  In order to accomplish more in a short period of time we need a sense of urgency and must have clarity.  Numerous studies have been conducted about written goals and the results of the people who have them.  The results are that those that write down their goals and have well defined goals accomplish them.  They also accomplish them in shorter time periods and more productively.  Sadly the number of people with written goals is only about 3% of the population...but that 3% hold most of the money, influence, prestige, and freedom.

Imagine for a moment that you're a home builder.  You know you have to build a house but you have no incentive, no clear plan of how to build it, and no deadline for having it done.  On the off chance that the house is ever built it will take excessively longer to build the house than it would have taken a builder who had a clear plan, an end date, and incentives to finish the house.

So take a moment to think about your goals for life.  What are your fitness goals?  Losing 20 pounds?  Gaining more muscle?  Being able to do 50 pushups?  Run a marathon?  Write them down. No matter how small they may seem.  Then give yourself a date to accomplish it by.  Plan out your attack.  Those 50 pushups?  Give yourself a month and do more and more each day to get closer to that goal.  Losing weight?  Plan out your meals, go to the grocery store and stock up-give yourself little incentives along the way like a new book or those boots you've been wanting.

The bottom line is that having goals does accomplish more and in a shorter amount of time.  It gives us a sense of purpose and drive since we know what we are working towards.  Don't just stop at fitness goals.  What are your goals for 2014?  A promotion?  A better marriage?  More time with the kids?  Graduating college?  Keep setting goals.  As soon as you accomplish one...set another.  Don't aimlessly be wandering through life.

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