Goodbye Bra: One Woman's Realization to Let It Go

Whether you've got a large set or one that's barely there, we can all agree that wearing a bra can be an uncomfortable, constricting nuisance. And while some may see it as a necessity nonetheless — supporting us from the fate of gravity — others feel like they're an unnecessary burden to behold. For one young lady, putting a stop to the pity party caused her to come to the realization that she was giving up bras for good. Jennifer Meyers, a 20-year-old self proclaimed member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, spent her growing years trying not to worry about when her breasts would arrive. She just assumed one day they'd sprout and she could go on and keep living her life. But when she realized that puberty had come and gone, and she was still a 32A at Victoria's Secret, she decided to give up the gig. "I can list a thousand reasons why I don't wear bras," Meyers began. "They are constricting, the underwire digs into my sides, the tag on the back is always scratching my skin, the feeling of wearing a bra on a hot summer day is like sticking your breasts inside a toaster oven, etc. The list goes on. But all the complaining aside, if I'm being actually honest here, the reason I stopped wearing bras is because my breasts are just really freaking tiny." Preach sister! So why not opt for a push-up bra? Meyers, who already felt like bras were a drag to begin with, didn't see the point in paying $50 for something that was simply a facade. "When I am not wearing a bra, I am so much more comfortable in my clothes. I think every girl can attest to that amazing feeling you get when you take off your bra after a long day. You just want to run around, be free, and let them flap in the wind. That's me all the time, but minus all the flapping," Meyers says. Meyers felt that, once she chose to accept her small breasts, she began to dress more appropriately for her body, building more confidence than she had ever had when she chose to wear a bra. She found that just because she didn't own a large set, didn't mean she couldn't feel sexy in cutouts, deep V-necks and backless tops. Simply put, when she let go, she finally won. Have you given up on bras? How has it changed the way you see yourself and your body? Source: Cosmopolitan    

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