Google Will Soon Be Able to Count the Calories in Your #FoodPorn pics!

You can’t dive into that chocolate cake without first posting it on Instagram! It’s a 21st century tradition after all.

Who else, besides me, is guilty of drooling on their phone while scrolling through food pictures in their Instagram feed?

As delicious as each pic looks, have you ever wondered how healthy the food is that you’re staring at and how many calories are actually in it? Well good news for all of you health conscious Instagramers!

Google has decided to join in on the #FoodPorn sensation, announcing the development of a new tool that will be able to count the calories in your Instapics!

Yet another way in which technology amazes us.

According to Google researchers, the technology will analyze the depth of pixels in an image and use algorithms to estimate the size and shape of the different food components – thus arriving at a calorie count.

There’s no official word on when we’ll see this technology in action, but wouldn’t it be cool to find out how many calories are in that pasta dish you’ve been dying to recreate?

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