Gorgeous (Plus-Sized?) Robyn Lawley

A recent daily mail article applauds plus-sized Australian supermodel Robyn Lawley for showing off her curves in a Miami swimsuit photo shoot. The oddest thing about the article? No where in it did they mention that it is ridiculous to refer to her as plus-sized. robin lawley4 robin lawley   Also, even though it was a shoot for summer swim season, the shoot didn’t even really show her in swimwear. Luckily there’s google, so here are some shots of Lawley in some swimsuits – which she actually started her own line of.       robin lawley swimwear robin lawley swimwear2 At 6,2” and a size 12, maybe she’s plus-sized in the sense that she is not as skinny as the average model, but her curves shouldn’t necessarily make her plus-sized. Is Kate Upton considered plus-sized? Lawley is the covergirl for three different Cosmo editions this month (Australian, American, and Mexican), and has been featured in several other magazines, her popularity growing swiftly. robin lawley6 Plus-sized or not, she’s a great role model for women everywhere, with a totally down-to earth attitude about her size. She’s been known for taking a stand against the thigh gap trend, and loving her body the way it is; both things that she talks about in her interview with Ellen: If Robyn Lawley is plus-sized, then sign me up. Can I please be plus-sized like her?

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