'I Got 5 On It' Explosive Total Body Circuit

Everyone has 5 minutes a day to do something productive right? I have posted 4 minute Tabata workouts, all the way up to 60 minute workouts, but there is something special about 5 minutes! Not sure what it is, but it works! You will complete 5 exercises for 60 seconds each! If you want a challenge and want to do it again, repeat it! DONE. There are a couple new exercises I have included in this one, so I demonstrate the moves and do a realtime workout with you for the 5 minutes in the video below.


(Complete each move for 60 seconds each)

Power Jacks Genghis Kahn Burpees 3 Push Ups + 3 Plank Walks Power Speed Skaters Jack Leg, Bent Knee Tricep Push Up (Knees are bent, but OFF Floor)

(Start at 2:40 if you want to begin workout and pass the demonstrations of the moves) Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!

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