Got beef with beef?

Growing up, special occasions were usually celebrated, with a steak dinner. I loved these celebrations! I LOVED...yes, loved (as in the past) STEAK!! The best were cooked with just enough juice; and the perfect color pink in the middle.   The past few years I slowly cut down on red meat, and completely cut out pork from my diet. I'm pretty much a vegetarian. The only meat I occasionally do eat is chicken, and fish.   Some of my friends and family will scoff, at the idea of me not wanting to eat meat. But I feel better (digestive wise)! So I did a little research-- I truly believe I am benefitting myself. In more ways than one. I will be keeping it out of my life forever! Especially beef, and pork.   So here is some interesting things I found, which just supports my decision.....   A man buys meat at a butcher's stand in Moscow's Dorogomilovsky market in 2011. On Monday, Russia began blocking U.S. meat imports until those imports are ractopamine-free.That (to the right) is a picture of a man in Moscow, buying meat at the market. The meat is from the U. S. A few days later, Russia ban U.S meat from being sold there. Why? Because their is ractopamine in U.S meat. Until they remove it, Russia will not allow it. What is it? What does it do, you ask? They put raptopine in pig and cow feed, to fatten them up before slaughtering, and butchering them. well, it does more then just fatten them up. It causes their heart to beat faster due to catecholamine; which is naturally caused due to stress. An article I read says this: "Ractopamine has been linked to cardiovascular effects, behavioral changes, and nervousness in humans and pigs." Is it just a coincidence, cardiovascular disease, is a huge cause of death in the U.S? Is it a coincidence there are so many people out there complaining of stress; and being diagnosed with nervousness/anxiety? Or other stress disorders? You maybe eating more than just pork chops for dinner. Photo by Penny. Just for clarification, it (ractopamine) is reportedly given to pigs, cattle, and turkeys, according to the article "Ractopamine: It's What's For Dinner." There is no rhyme or reason for this. Other than blatant disregard, for the effects it causes on human (U. S citizens/taxpayer); and greed. Apparently the USFDA (unlike Russia), doesn't considering things like this, something which shouldn't be allowed on the market. Even though, their is research proving how harmful, ractopamine is for both humans and animals---it is still allowed. 

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