Got Sunburn? There’s an App for That.

Oh those days when you’re enjoying the sun whether they be racing down the slopes in early spring or relaxing on the beach in a bikini.  It’s all fun and games until someone goes home with raccoon eyes or a beat red back.  Sunburn, oh the joys.  Well apparently there’s an app for that.  Or more precisely a bracelet for that. article-2537168-1A8BE8B800000578-559_634x286 It’s a new $100 bracelet set to go on sale later this year in the United States.  It’s called the June bracelet and it works through a ‘jewel’ on the band which measures how much a person has been exposed to the sun that day, when the sun is at its most intense, and sends an alert through the smartphone app to remind the user to put on a hat and more sunscreen.  The bracelet is actually quite fashionable compared to other products on the market and the company, Netamo, says they contracted with a jewelry expert for the design.   The jewel is actually made up of UV sensors and the app can be personalized according to each users statistics. I can imagine this being incredibly useful for mothers of young children who often lose track of when they applied sunscreen and help keep UV exposure for their children at a minimum.

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