Graphic PSA About The Dangers Of Hair Ties Will Leave You Horrified

Like myself, you have probably had those days when you wear a hair tie around your wrist incase you need to pull back that unruly mane at any given time. It's a pretty common practice that most girls have been doing since the age of twelve. But there is a threat posed by hair ties that is only now being exposed. Audree Kopp is an unlucky hair tie wearer who sustained an infection from wearing the band around her wrist. audree kopp wrist hair tie She suddenly noticed a small bump on her arm around the hair tie area and went to the doctor. Once given medication to help treat it, the bump continued to swell. She awoke the next morning to a massive bump that was reportedly teeming with 3 different kinds of bacteria. Audree was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery as she was at a risk of blood poisoning. [bctt tweet="Graphic PSA About The Dangers Of Hair Ties Will Leave You Horrified"] blood poisoning dangerous infection life threatening Doctors ruled the bump to be caused by a two-day old, sparkly gold hair tie. It caused a tiny scrape on her wrist which allowed bacteria to find its way in. They have been known to cause problems with the skin and infections. Medical professionals advise to wash your hands thoroughly, including under the hair tie area and up your arm. They also suggest wearing non-slip ties that are less likely to put you at risk. "I’m pretty sure about 90% of us females don’t think twice about keeping hair ties on our wrists." says Audree, who now spreads the word to everyone she knows about wearing hair ties. What is your take on this story? Have you ever had a complication from something simple like a hair tie? Source: Bustle [caption id="attachment_121550" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_121549" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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