Is Grass-fed Meat Just Another Fad?

Over the years, there have been many diets, foods and ways of eating that have seemingly become popular overnight. Lately, there seems to be quite a buzz in the health world around eating ‘Grass-fed’ meat. But instead of just jumping on the bandwagon, lets take a moment to examine the benefits. Saturated fats are healthy   Why Grass-fed? (Includes beef, pork, bison, lamb, etc)
  • Grass-fed animals are fed their natural diet of grass, where as conventionally raised animals are fed GMO corn and therefore they are healthier.
  • Healthier animals do not need antibiotics or growth hormones, which produces higher quality products with less contaminants. Conventionally raised animals generally get sick more often and are given medications a lot of times as a preventative measure.
  • Because of their natural diets, grass-fed animal products have 2-4 x more heart healthy fats and are lower in calories oz per oz.
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals that are not found in factory-farmed products.
  • Animals raised in their natural environment are more relaxed, where as conventionally raised animals are stressed out to the max.
The term grass-fed is usually used when describing larger animals where you can expect to see the term ‘pastured’ or ‘pasture-raised’ when referring to smaller animals. Why Pastured? (Turkey, chickens, ducks, pheasants, quail and eggs)
  • These birds are not caged and have access to grass so they can eat their natural diet, which includes insects.
  • Because they are able to get the full range of nutrients from their feed, they are healthier and do not require all the antibiotic and growth hormones found in factory farmed meat.
  • If you cannot find “pastured” eggs, the next best thing is ‘Free Range’ or ‘Organic’ but please don’t fall for the Omega-3 or the ‘all veg fed’ eggs this just means they were fed GMO corn.
Takeaway Message: Choose grass-fed or pasture-raised animal products as much as you can afford!

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