Why Do Our Great Female Athletes Have To Face Sexism?

Serena Williams is one of the greatest female tennis players of all time. But every win for her is not only a sports victory, but a victory over the sexism and racism that has plagued her throughout her career. Serena, like many female athletes, has faced critiques that seem to focus more on the fact that she is a female than her actual skill and sportsmanship. Serena and sister, Venus, have been in the tennis spotlight since the 1990s. Overtime, they have been famously booed by crowds of spectators, including some who went as far as to unleash the n-word on them. Serena's tennis talents have been attributed (by critics) to her race: some claiming that she has an unfair advantage because she is African American and "gluteal strength" is in her genes. Some critics have gone so far as to strip Serena and Venus of their femininity by calling them "The Williams Brothers" and mocking their athletic body types. Other critics have pulled Serena apart by commenting on her "lugging breasts" and comparing her rear end to an "oozing pumpkin". Despite the harsh words and bizarre opinions, Serena and Venus have won numerous awards over their careers and continue to reign as tennis champions. Why is it that sexism and racism still exist in the athletic world? When it comes to female athletes, why is it that sometimes professionalism is thrown out the window and issues of race and body parts take place over fair sportsmanly critiques? Share your thoughts on this issue with us!  

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