Great Workouts For Super Lazy People

Lazy is such a nasty word and yet, sometimes, it is the only one that fits. I will admit it, I can be lazy. I'm not lazy everywhere. I work hard, my house is clean. But when it comes to exercising, I'd really rather not. If you are like me, and not afraid to admit it, here are 16 workouts for you:

1. Stretching

Stretching is so important to a workout that you might as well make it one.

2. Pool

Work you upper body by shooting billiards. Even better if you have to lean into a really tough shot. Treat it as a lunge and make it work for you!

3. Couchsurfing

You've heard it before, surfing is a killer core workout. Why head to the ocean when you can grab a perfectly reasonable couch?

4. Dancing

Slow dancing. Square dance. Tango. Whatever it is. If there is music and you are moving, it counts.

5. Roller skating at a leisure pace

Why bust your hump at the park when you can kill 2 birds with one stone? That's right, there is music at the roller rink. Dance and skate. You win.

6. Watching other people workout

Watching people endure a strenuous workout is enough to remind you that you are better off with your couchsurf routine.

7. Preparing to ride

Putting on your helmet gives your arms and obliques a workout. All before you even get on the bike!

8. Playing arcade games

Anyone who has ever felt a joystick hand cramp knows just how intense it can be!

9. Fist bumping

Hey, it is like boxing. It is a form of sparring. Kinda.

10. Getting a massage

Getting a massage is underrated. The slow, deep breathing is just like yoga.

11. Baking

Have you ever mixed a thick batter? Needed dough? Yeah, enough said.

12. Walking the dog

Walking the dog counts. If it is raining, talking to the dog about walking the dog counts.

13. Balancing on an exercise ball

Even if you are watching tv, it is exercise! Why else would they call it an exercise ball?

14. Kissing

This is my favourite lazy workout. Kissing burns a whole bunch of calories. It is science, people!

15. Arm wrestling

It is wrestling. And you don't have to wear the onesie thing.

16. Ping Pong

Table tennis counts as tennis. Might be a smaller court but you def break a sweat. No more excuses! When you're done your net surfing routine, add one of these! It can't hurt!    

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