The Greatest Fat Loss Tool Ever Made

Exciting, right? Want to know what is most exciting? You already own it. This wonderful tool: the floor. Merely getting up and down off the floor stimulates fat loss and revs your metabolism. Floor work is an exercise in inefficiency. The better you get at a movement, the less effective it is for burning fat. But getting on the ground uses your entire body and works it in ways you probably never imagined. Here are some really easy ways to add ground work to your routine:

Use Your Rest Period

Between your sets, try plank variations. Or, you can foam roll your desired muscle groups which turns your rest into an "active rest" and improves your range of motion for your next set. You can also add pelvic tilts or hip thrusts to get at those large muscle groups in your back. All of this keeps your heart rate up and makes your entire body work.

Create Fat Burning Combos

Mixing ground work with other fast paced exercises increases your fat burning potential. The easiest way to do this is by adding push ups. Getting down into a pushup and then springing right back up is a great way to get your heart pounding. Add them between reps of kettlebell swings or another similar exercise. What are you waiting for? Hit the deck!  

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