Greatness Workout

Set your interval timer to a stop watch and complete 50 of the following exercises at your own pace and modification. 1) Burpees 2) High Knees 2) Bag Drop & Burpee Tuck Jump – Using the Pink Sandbag 3) Scissor Lunge 4) Elavated Plank Knee Tucks – Elbow & Cross (Alternate between L&R Legs) 5) Touch Floor Jumping Jacks 6) Overhead Lunge & Kick – Left Leg – Using the Pink Sandbag 7) Tuck Jumps 8) Overhead Lunge & Kick – Right Leg – Using the Pink Sandbag 9) Criss Cross Reach Through Abs (Alternate between L&R Legs) 10) 500 High Knee Skips You don't need to be perfect to lead. To lead you need to inspire. And all it takes to inspire is to choose better more than you choose worse. I'm not talking about inspiring a stadium of people. The most powerful impact you can have is within the boundaries of your own life. The glow starts within you and radiates outward to touch those closest around you. Every important action in your life starts with a choice. Choose better. No one expects perfection. But people notice the little choices you make. Your friend, your children, a partner. They feel the warmth of that tiny little brave choice. It has impact. Choose the smallest act of kindness when you could be indifferent and you have created inspiration. Choose to do your workout instead of "starting tomorrow" and you have created inspiration in your life. These are little choices. Little brave choices. Why brave? Because choosing better can feel scary. Because it takes spirit, and faith and hope. The magic and beauty of life is formed in these tiny expressions of choice. Choose better today. Freddy

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