Greek Yoghurt vs Greek "Style" Yoghurt

If you've ever been at the supermarket wondering if buying Greek "style" yoghurt would give you the same nutritional benefits as Greek yoghurt, then you're not alone. recently posted an article on this topic and, as someone who loves Greek yoghurt, I decided to look into it even further to let you all know which one of the two you should be putting into your shopping basket. They may look exactly the same, but looks can be deceiving. Greek yoghurt
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Greek yoghurt is made using natural ingredients (with the best Greek yoghurts only containing milk and live cultures), and, thanks to an expensive straining process which filters out excess water, concentrating the yoghurt, it has a thick, creamy consistency.
  • It is very high in protein; with typically 10g of protein per 100g tub!
  • It's low in sodium, so is good for your blood pressure and cardiovascular health.
  • It contains probiotics; live microorganisms. These bacteria microbes can aid digestion and improve immune system function, and have even been linked to helping reduce the side effects of antibiotics.
  • It is low in carbohydrates, which is very beneficial for people who have a sensitivity to carbohydrates, like diabetics.
  • It's lower in lactose than most other yoghurts, and can even be tolerated by some people who suffer with lactose intolerance.
Greek "style" yoghurt
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Greek "style" yoghurt contains one or more of the following ingredients; cream, gelatine, gum blends, stabilizers, preservatives, non-fat milk solids and milk solids. These are what gives it the thick texture that is replicating actual Greek yoghurt. They are thickeners, which detract from the nutritional benefits, whereas real Greek yoghurt doesn't contain any processed ingredients; it's completely natural. Greek "style" yoghurt is not Greek yoghurt; it's simply something that imitates it, but it's not got the same health benefits. Although Greek "style" yoghurt isn't known to be particularly bad for you, it's definitely not the best option in comparison to actual Greek yoghurt; especially when you consider the ingredients used to thicken it. With an unrivalled amount of protein, and lower levels of sodium, actual Greek yoghurt is the healthiest choice, in my opinion, of all yoghurts. If you eat Greek yoghurt already, but are looking for something new to do with it, check out my recipe which looks and tastes like a treat, but is actually packed full of protein and yummy nutrients.
Image credit: Natalie Roberts
Image credit: Natalie Roberts
Greek yoghurt is a great alternative to ice cream when you feel like you need a treat, and it can even be used as an alternative to oil in baking! It's also great to use in savoury dishes too. So, not only is Greek yoghurt packed full of health benefits, but it's also incredibly versatile. Why would you choose Greek "style" over actual Greek yoghurt now that you know this?   Picture credit for featured image:   Sources:


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