Greek Yogurt Garlic Chicken

IMG_9074Ingredients: 1 C Plain yogurt ( greek is fine) 2 TBL olive oil, ( I used garlic infused olive oil) 6 cloves garlic minced 1/2 TBL dried oregano 1/2 tsp sea salt fresh cracked pepper to taste 1 TBL parsley 1 tsp garlic powder 3 1/2 - 4 lbs chicken breast pieces   What to do: IMG_9081 Add all ingredients in a bag ( or a bowl and then pour into a bag after mixed) Add chicken last after marinade is mixed together. Let it marinate for at least 30 minutes, more if you can. Pre heat oven or grill: Oven to 350 place chicken breast pieces in 9x13 pan or grill chicken on a preheated grill of 400 F. If in the oven the chicken will bake 25-30 minutes or inside temp is 165-170, when stabbed with a fork juice will run clear. On the grill, Once grill is up to temp turn burners down just a little. Grill chicken 7 minutes each side ( up to 8 minutes each side but careful not to overcook they will be dry), done when chicken is harder to press against and juices run clear when stuck with a fork. ** If baking in oven ADD VEGGIES, I cut up carrots, celery, and onion in 1/4 inch to 1 inch size pieces, (optional to marinate with chicken) and then add in around chicken in a 9x13 pan. IMG_9078Pictured here are the grilled above right is the baked, I did both ways and Hubby and I still are not sure which one we liked best. Both a great way to make them, both add different flavors.  

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