Green Tea Damage Control: Quick Fixes for Life’s Little Slip Ups

Starch Overload

Studies show that drinking green tea may help curb the the negative effects that starch has on your blood sugar. The study revealed that mice had half the usual increase in blood glucose when their starchy food was spiked with green tea compound. Just tipple a cup and a half to reap the same health benefits of green tea.

Missed Workout

Believe it or not, stressing out over a missed workout is far worse for your body than missing the workout. Stress causes your body to produce cortisol, which ultimately causes your body to store belly fat and affects the quality of your sleep. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, which (guess what) has been shown to cause people to eat more. It’s a vicious, blubbery cycle - and one you can avoid. Take a deep breath and relax: Life is a juggling act and sometimes we drop a ball or two. Don’t give up, just get back on track. You’ll feel better for it.

One Too Many Wobbly Pops

Ah, yes. The dreaded hangover. Despite our best-laid plans, sometimes ‘just 1 or 2’ turns into 5 or 10 - if you can even remember the number. Here’s the good news: Plenty of water, B complex, more water, nutritious food and a couple cups of green tea with a squirt of lemon can go a long way to flush the toxins out of your body and help you feel better. Here’s the bad news: Time is the ultimate healer. Staying hydrated is vital, but waiting it out is the only real way to cure a hangover.

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