Grocery Shopping Challenge!

I have a little grocery shopping challenge for everyone to try if they are interested! So recently I've been buying more and more organic and whole foods. There is only one whole foods shop where I live and very minimal organic stores. The main grocery store where I do my shopping has a special organic shop within the store so that is normally where I buy. I decided to take on a challenge for myself and thought I would share for anyone who wanted to do it as well. There are only 3 of us in my house, so the shopping bill isn't TOO high! I know buying organic can get pretty spendy so I've decided to set aside $150.00 for just that! $150.00 worth of groceries can go a long way in my house. So depending on how many people live with you, plan your budget accordingly. The challenge is to buy ONLY organic/whole foods on your next shopping trip. I haven't taken this on yet, but I will on the 25th! If you don't have many places for organic shopping that's okay! My challenge to those is to buy WHOLE foods and healthy foods! No junk on this shopping trip!  

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