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Hello everyone :) It has been a little while since I wrote last, I blame it on soaking up every second of summer us Canadian folk have left ;) I hope everyone has been eating clean and training hard? I have been getting out side as much as possible for my workouts. Rollerblading is a great way to get outside and torch calories at the same time, just be careful not to have a intimate relationship with the pavement like I did (road rash is no fun). I wear my Garmin 210 with the heart rate monitor to track my calorie burn & distance when doing outdoor workouts and I love it! We all know working out is fun, but refuelling is the star of the show I would say ;) I thought I would share a few of my favourite go to speedy meals & tips to make your life super easy for the days when time is of the essence. Make A List Go into the grocery store with a plan. I make a list of meals I would like to have for the week (usually three "effort" meals) and then grab the usual lean meats, tempeh, fish, almond milk, eggs, veggies, greens,fruit, hummus, nuts ( and nut butter), oats, sweet potatoes and any other miscellaneous items I may need. Of course I pick up impulse purchases now and then to try out (this week it was Daiya cheese and coconut yogurt), but for the most part I keep it simple. Once a month I go to Costco and stock up on items such as quinoa, wild rice, frozen organic fruits/vegetables, organic nut butters. When you have a plan it makes life alot easier :) image Food Prep image I have mentioned this before, and I'm sure those of you reading are already aware the importance of food prep. It saves time during the week, especially for those of you with busy schedules, and will make you less likely to reach for something that isn't on "the plan". I rotate what I make each week, but it's all fairly easy. I recommend purchasing a food processor (I purchased mine from Walmart for under $40.00 and I use it numerous times throughout the week), this will save you time dicing & slicing. I make a huge batch of whatever grain I want for the week (usually quinoa or rice) wash and slice the veggies (I add mine to salads, omelettes,rice bowls etc.), and wash and chop any fruits such as strawberries,pineapples, melons. Buy Online This is something I recently began doing. I have been reading blogs for sometime and read about new products that cannot be found in local stores. This is when online shopping comes in handy. I recently became OBSESSED with PB2 which cannot be found in Toronto stores so I went online and stocked up. imageimage If you love PB and have yet to try PB2 I encourage you to do so. I also order my protein powders online as I find it cheaper and more variety. I rotate proteins but usually stick to plant based proteins such as Vega, Plant Fusion, Sun warrior & Genuine Health brand of Vegan Proteins+. I also order any pre workout drinks I like. I stumbled across Vega Sports new sugar free pre workout the other day and I am a fan! imageimage With all the prepped food, stocked fridge and pantry there should be no excuses to make poor food choices. A few of my go to favourite meals to refuel are below. Salads image image image image Salads are a great way to incorporate veggies, fats, carbs, protein all in one. A few other favourite simple meals image Baked fish with Mrs Dash seasonings, steamed veg, wild rice/quinoa blend. image Roasted veggies with coconut oil & spices. image Extra lean ground turkey, salsa,avocado on a bed of greens. image Omelet & never gets old. I hope you all continue to eat clean and train hard, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment below. I love to help anyone willing in the path to better health. Talk to you all again soon. Yolande :)

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