"Down There" Grooming Injuries Increase Fivefold

Thanks to American Apparel the internet is alive with gossip and feminist pieces of our nether regions.  While we may debate and ponder the impacts of American Apparel's "stunt" we can't debate that its no one's business what other's do with their body hair.  It's just simply not anyone's business. Well...until it becomes someone's business.  As in the Emergency Room doctor's business.  A paper was published in 2012 in Uriology, detailing emergency room data that was relevant to grooming injuries.  In the intervening years between 2002-2010 the number of injuries increased fivefold (for example 2 injuries in 2002 would be 10 in 2010).  Of those injured 56.7 were women and the most at-risk age group was women 19-28.  Shaving razors were present in 83% of cases and laceration was the most common type of injury at 36%. injuries-514 These aren't just little nicks and scrapes...these are emergency room visits as in you cut yourself so badly you need stitches or some sort of surgery.  So if anyone needed an excuse beyond the new "trend" at American Apparel here's one ripe for the taking. Bottom line people...be very careful.

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