Guess The Celebrity Doing This Super Impressive Yoga Pose!

This crazy backbend is being pulled off by a celeb A-lister who is looking fiercely fit and toned! The photo of the star popped up on Instagram with the caption, "Namaste". It's from someone we did not know was an avid yogi, but we are very impressed! This star has been in the spotlight for weight issues for a number of years, but she's been putting in serious work and it's paying off! Have you guessed it yet? We'll give you some hints. She's a mother of two. She has been famous for most of her life. She is a self-defined "pretty girl". Give up? The slimmed down 33-year-old is none other than Miss Britney Spears! Her super fit, super sleek transformation has wowed us! The pop legend's amazing figure has trumped all haters who gave her a hard time at her Las Vegas performances for being "fat". Britney has clearly been working her butt off, and finding her inner zen! Yoga can improve flexibility, posture, muscle strength, immunity and focus. Britney has been struggling with weight for years, which has only been exacerbated by the hoards of paparazzi filming her every move. The 5'4" blonde bombshell suffered a knee injury in 2004, which hindered her dancing abilities for some time. The surgery she received could have impacted her weight as well. But now Brit is back and looking mind-blowing!  What do you think of Miss Spears's transformation? Source: TMZ   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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