Guess What? New Study Suggests That The "Dad Bod" Is Here To Stay

As if we haven't all had enough of the dad bod conversations, now science has not only recognized the dad bod, it suggests that it is here to stay. Northwestern University published a study this week that concluded “men gain weight after they become fathers for the first time whether or not they live with their children.” Okay... Their findings are broken down like this:
"The typical 6-foot-tall man who lives with his child gained an average of about 4.4 pounds after becoming a first-time dad; the 6-foot-tall dad who does not live with his child gained about 3.3 pounds, the study reports. That’s a 2.6 percent rise in BMI (body mass index) for resident dads and a 2 percent rise in BMI for non-resident dads after controlling for other variables."
Interesting. A universal truth for all first time dads? Not likely. I'm not sure I even understand the point to this study. Do you think this is a pointless study or is it merely a study conducted by researchers with dad bods desperate for legitimacy? Kidding. Kind of. No but really, do these findings change your feelings about the dad bod? Are you excited or disappointed by these findings? Source: Jezebel

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