Guess What? Even "Healthy" Pre-Packaged Food Is Bad For You!

We've been saying it for ages, the healthiest diet you can eat is one loaded with fresh, whole foods. A diet of foods that are as close their natural source as possible. But, supermarkets can be a confusing place. You may think you're making a smart choice when in reality, the opposite is true. When wandering the aisles, and seeing items that claim to be "Healthy" or "All Natural," you find yourself thinking, it can't be that bad. The label says it's fine, right? Well, don't be so quick to trust those claims on the labels! A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that many of these health claims are just junk! The study did a cross sectional survey of pre-packaged foods from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, and the UK. Over 2,000 foods were sampled at random. The nutritional information was assessed in each case. What the researchers found was that the foods that had health claims on their labels were only marginally better than foods that did not. In fact, the margin of difference was so small that it likely won't have any significant positive impact on your health. Foods that claimed to be healthier, on average, had only 29 fewer calories per serving and only 3 fewer grams of sugar. When it came to fat, "healthy" foods still didn't do very well. On average, they only have 2 grams less! The differences in fiber (.8 grams more in the "healthy" foods) is so small that it is hardly worth a mention! blog1859 The only time the differences in the foods were big enough to matter was in the sodium department. Foods with health claims on their labels had, on average, 842 milligrams less than the other foods. Considering that over ingesting sodium poses a significant health risk, this is a good thing. But, those lower sodium totals are not worth the rest of the risks. When shopping for food, keep yourself to the outer aisles of the store. That's produce, meat, grains, and dairy. Generally speaking, if it comes from a box or a package, leave it be. Remember, the claims you are reading have more to do with moving product than they do with improving your health. Companies need to make their items stand out, it is just good marketing. If most of your diet has been based in processed foods or you find yourself getting distracted and adding extra items to your grocery cart, we can help. With the BodyRock Meal Plan, we give you 30 days worth of delicious meals and snacks, taking all the guesswork out of menu planning. But more than that, we will also give you a weekly grocery list. All you have to do is print it off (or write it out) and follow along. Stick to the list! And just because it is always easier to make healthy choices when you understand why you should make these choices, the Meal Plan includes a detailed nutrition guide to help you figure out what's what. To make sure you always have variety, we've thrown in an added recipe book with over 70 offerings! Trust us, healthy eating never looked so easy! Do the results of this study come as news to you or have you been saying this all along? Source: VICE


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