This Guide Could Help You Detect Body Image Issues in Your Child

Having poor body image can be a very destructive quality. It can lead to a serious case of low self-esteem, which in turn could cause depression and a regression from society. For children, it seems to start younger and younger as the in-your-face, harsh media puts labels on what beautiful means. Being able to detect this in your child could allow you to face it head on, and guide them back into a body positive world.   A new guide may give parents an idea of where to start. "Shedding light on these issues, we created this guide to help parents understand and detect red-flags that may indicate their teen is struggling with body image issues," explained Rawdon Messenger, TeenSafe CEO. "By monitoring their social media and online activity, parents can detect problems early and start a conversation with their child about self-worth." Here are a few key things to take into consideration. 1. Stop them in their tracks. If you begin to notice that your child is showing signs of poor body image, immediately begin a discussion that reassures them of their self worth. Also give them tips as to how they can begin viewing themselves in a more positive light. 2. Recognize social media's role. It's nearly impossible for your child not to be exposed to social media, so recognize how it can play a crucial role in your child's body image. Selfies, Photoshop and various filters only create vain, unrealistic images that do not reflect a true sense of beauty. 3. Understand the effects of body image issues. If your child is going through this, then you need to be aware of what may happen. From eating disorders to self-mutilation and depression, it can be a very scary time for both your child as well as you. 4. Know how you can help. Being communicative, making sure to monitor their social media activity and leading by example are all great places to start. Do you have any tips for recognizing and dealing with poor body image? Source: News Medical  

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